Mind the mind diet

I’m an ‘If it’s broken, fix it’- kind of person. Not especially in household terms, or rather, especially not in household terms, but in a more metaphorical sense. It sort of implies that if something bothers you, do something about it, or stop letting it bother you. The best example is probably how I felt about my body. And at one point I just decided that I would either try to be happy with the way I looked or start dieting and working out.image

This approach typically works with stuff you feel you have control over. Other people generally don’t fall into that category, but there is a way to get around that. If you cannot change another persons behavior (or smell, whatever it is that’s bothering you), you can either try to get yourself out of the situation or trough introspection find out why it’s bothering you and try to make that process stop.

So that’s why I decided to go on a mind diet as well as the regular diet I’ve put myself on. Productive and healthy thoughts, or thoughts that just make me feel better (so-called ‘pastry’ thoughts) are ok and not to be worried about. Nasty, negative and unproductive thoughts (like fast-food: not particularly nice, more of a bad habit) should avoided as much as possible. Whenever one does come up it should be nipped in the bud to avoid bingeing.. er wallowing.

So there you go, 

If you need any problems solved, I made this amazing flowchart to help with that. I had to wrestle Windows Live Writer to upload it, which reminds me that I forgot to put in a footnote about windows software problems. In case of windows software problems: bang keyboard with head and swear a little. It won’t help, but it will make you feel a little less frustrated.

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