Wuthering heights

This is a story about a girl who wanted a piano. Whenever see would see a piano she’d sigh.. And then one faithful day she came upon a piano she could afford.  It was an old piano, a little damaged, but it sounded just fine. And in a moment of fluttering optimism she bought it.The night before the piano would be delivered to her house she could hardly sleep. Tomorrow..tomorrow she would finally have a piano of her very own..

When the delivery men arrived, she was standing on the doorstep ready to greet them and to welcome her new best friend.

And that’s where the fairytale ends.

‘Wher’ ya wan’em miss?’DSC01554
’Well.. it should go upstairs, but you can put it in the hall.. I have some friends coming over to help me get it up the stairs’
’Up the stairs?? Hahahah!, that’s impossible miss, we might as well not take it out of the truck.
I frowned, and tried to think of something snide to say. ’Hey miss, what time do you want us to pick it up tomorrow? heheheh.’ These men were just the summit of humorousness. ‘Hey, we’re not gonna take our backs out lugging this thing, we’re leaving it in the hallway’. ‘But I won’t be able to close the door’. ‘So what?’ And they left.

Then one of the builders working on the apartment next to us came up to me. ‘I don’t know how attached you are to your friends, but trying to get a 300kg piano up those stairs is dangerous, people could get hurt’

Now I happen to be very attached to my friends, but not enough to have them permanently splattered on my walls, so I asked the builders for advice and they made some calls..







Which resulted in a crane in my back yard. And not a cute little crane.. OMG that thing was huge! And after a lot of consternation (which included getting half the neighborhood mobilized two days in a row!) the piano was airborne and made it safely into our house


Now it’s standing there, in my workroom, and I just can’t help going over to it and touching it every few minutes. Gosh, I have a piano, my very own piano. It really is a dream come true..DSC01580


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