My wonderful colleagues got me a really cool present from ThinkGeek! Well, something that’s featured on the site anyway. They actually got it from gadgetdiscounter, which is a nice company that doesn’t require you to have a credit card like ThinkGeek does.

So anyway, my colleagues picked up on my geeky streak and got me the space age ant habitat for my birthday, and it arrived today, yay! I think I’m going to keep it on my desk, so there will always be someone working there even if it’s not me.
It looks extremely nifty, but..

It comes without ants.

I guess it makes sense, but it does mean I should go out hunting for ants to put in the darn thing. Now I’m pretty good with animals, but I don’t really see myself going: ‘heeere anty anty anty’  and even if I did, I might only end up with a couple of female relatives rather than a colony (har har, play on words).

Turns out, you can buy ants at err…
an ant store???

885_0 I suppose I shouldn’t have been surprised, where else would you buy ants?

Someone somewhere thought it was a good idea to start selling ants. And you can get them in all shapes and sizes. Who’d have thought. Apparently, keeping a formicarium (scrabble anyone?) is a serious hobby for some people, and whatever you need for it (which is the weirdest stuff) you can get at the aptly named ‘antstore’ in Berlin.

‘Say, beautiful, wanna see my ants?’.
Hmm.. wonder how that works for a pick-up line..

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