Spore.. can’t get enough..




I’ve had a look at Spore again and I’ve decided that the creature creator is by far the best part of the game. I mean, the development stages are pretty ok. But it gets boring to do the same thing over
and over again until you Spore_GIF_2008-09-13_20-05-02reach the space stage and things  get insanely complicated.

I found out two new things about Spore today. One: you can make these outrageous animated gifs (that drive you crazy when you look at them for too long). And that you can use the pictures of your creature to put on a shirt! Like so  –>

And talking about shirts.. 
I’ve finally turned an idea of mine into reality at an online shirt shop.


Cute isn’t it? It’s a quote by Simplicius to sum up the philosophy of Heraclitus. It is a westernification of the original Greek that can be interpreted as: ‘the world is in a state of flux, nothing remains the same’ or ‘everything moves, nothing stays’  for short.  So there is my little joke. See the front says: ‘Everything moves’, which is conveniently printed over the spots that do tend to move. And when you walk away your behind reminds people that sadly: ‘ nothing stays’. Pretty cool huh?

Cool thing about it is, if you want one, you can get one just like it! I made some designs for shirts that can be ordered by anyone*.  So yay and hurray, another job well done. 🙂

*Before anyone starts calling me a capitalist bastard;  I’m not making money off it. The site  does allow you to take commission over the sold shirts, but I left it. I just enjoy designing fun shirts.

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