The story of the piano continues..

The piano turned out to be an antique from 1900. This post on an internet forum suggests it really very old.

(..) ich habe hier ein sehr sehr altes Familienerbstück, über das ich nun mehr herausfinden möchte. Da Koblenz noch mit C geschrieben ist muss es vor 1900 entstanden sein, mehr weiß ich allerdings nicht.(..)

The silly thing is that there is not much else on the internet about this type of piano. We found two others of its kind, both unplayable. They even took out the inside of one and replaced it with a Yamaha keyboard (!).

So if anyone knows anything about pianos by a guy called F.Rudhard that bears the specification Coblenz EMS, and says something about being the purveyor for the Royal Household of Rumania. Call me!

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2 Responses to The story of the piano continues..

  1. Boaz says:

    Hello, i have such piano of F. Rudhard for sell. if youare intrested and want photos please contact me.

  2. Boaz says:

    forgot to leave a contact detail:

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