On my (failed) quest for a car I spent a day in Arnhem with Fransien, who reminded me of a great comic that we used to read and talk about a lot when we were both working at Behavioral Physiology.

The Order of the Stick is a D&D comic about stick figures (hence ‘stick’ duh). I fell in love with the comic when I read the episode featured here (click for better view and.. even more OOTS!). It is the funniest!

Unfortunately to understand it you need to be geeky enough to know what a Spot check is. And if you do, you probably know this kind of thing tends to happen a lot in D&D. (Much to the dismay of the DM who invented the really cool monster that everybody failed to spot.)

This reminds me of a knight in our party that would always fail his spot checks, and consequently became known as The Knight With-Poo-In-His-Eyes (yes, we were ever so sophisticated). I remember one time there was a spot check that he finally made. He looked up gleefully at the dungeon master, who smiled wickedly and said: ‘ you just.. heard something in the trees behind you’.

But then, being a DM requires you to be a bit of a bastard I guess, it makes the role-playing more fun anyway. Like the time he got my tree-hugging character an enchanted sword that made him want to kill chickens all the time. Or when he allowed the necromancer to do a life-threatening operation on our bard to stop his off-key singing. Still, by some miracle he survived and gained a skill point in singing.

Ah.. good times*

*For those of you who didn’t get any of that, don’t worry this just means you are not a complete geek.

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