Mutiny Ahoy!


There is mutiny afoot!

Gosh when I joined the opera-dudes I didn’t know there was going to be so much drama *insert pun about soap-opera here*.

One of the actor/singers has left the opera because of personal differences with the director. Amongst other things there was the fact that the director wanted to take over her part. I’m not sure what else transpired between them, but even I would get pretty miffed if someone wanted to take my part, and I don’t even have any lines!

So I let everyone know, that if this is really going to happen, that I will re-think my participation on this thing. I mean, I really love to sing and this opera is my very favorite but there are some things I just can not stand for.

For some reason this statement has earned me the status of ‘head of mutiny’. I get these secret mutinous emails to sign and advise on and suggested to mediate if it comes to a confrontation. Weirdness..

Oh well, time to strap on the ol’ wooden leg and find my eye-patch. Ahhhrr!

Update: I have jumped ship. It’s very sad but I really could not be in a production that treats people this way. Oh well..

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One Response to Mutiny Ahoy!

  1. Flora says:

    Wat! you jumped ship????maar dit is de wereld van het zingen allemaal ego\’s die zich willen manifesteren, tís geen vriendenclub hoor!Al die zang aangelegenheden zijn slangenkuilen, jalousie, intriges, maar gewoon door zingen en elkaar roosjes geven!Omhelzen na afloop en elkaar sucses wensen, maar niemand meent dat echt hoor!

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