Doughnut maker

doughnut maker

I was surfing along on the Perpetual Kid website (where they really have the coolest stuff) , when I stumbled upon this really cool gadget –>

It’s a tabletop mini-doughnut maker!!

Gosh can you imagine having that on your desk? You’ll never get up again! Perhaps only to get a cup of coffee and make some more dough, oh and to go to the bathroom. So you will get up eventually, well I suppose that’s safe then.gnomebear

But really.. Perpetual Kid is loads of fun, they also have bacon band aids and the weirdest things you never knew you needed. But the best things I have found so far are these gnome-be-gone gnome bearers to help us get rid of those pesky gnomes that invade our gardens.

Darn.. I wish I had a garden..

PS: while we’re on the subject of gadgets.. my ants have finally arrived!! Yay!

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