Ants picking up on my lazy

 lazy ant
So like I said, my ants have arrived. They did take an awful lot of time to get here, and when they did most of them had died. Thankfully, the (bloody HUGE) queen was still alive, and so were three of her workers. I dropped the whole bunch into the Antworks and stared at them intensely for about half an hour.

Turns out that doesn’t really help.

So far they’ve been walking around a bit lugging the dead ants around. Maybe I shouldn’t have tipped those in as well, I guess it’s depressing having dead bodies lying around when you’re starting a new life for yourself. Also I’m not sure whether three workers is enough. I’ve seen them fussing around the queen a lot, maybe she needs them to keep her happy in stead of having them dig.

Or maybe they are just picking up on my lack of productivity. Gosh I’ am having a hard time getting real work done. Which means I had time to Google ‘lazy ants’, I found a bunch of stuff, including this moralizing story on laziness*, and a band called The Lazy Ants!

I am betting you ten to one that one of those band members has an ant farm..

* the website is called ‘church fun’ , aargh run awaaay!

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