I had another fun idea for GeekyGirl shirts.  Since I’ve started working with Matlab, there has always been one function that keeps cracking me up. It’s a function that allows you to retrieve a specific time, like for instance the presentation of a stimulus or a response. It’s called ‘Getsecs’ , and well.. when you pronounce it sounds like..  *giggles*

I am such a nerd

So, without further ado; Here are two new designs for those Matlab wielding girls out there..

getsecs getsecs2

It says: if strcmp ( face, 🙂 ), Getsecs = 1, else Getsecs = 0 , end (har, har).

Well.. I thought it was funny anyway..

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One Response to Geeky..

  1. Rutger says:

    :), so that was why I wasn\’t getting any

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