Another heart calls – AAR

Seriously, I am going to throw out my mp3 player! You’d think that when you put 1 GB of music on a player and set it to ‘shuffle’ , you get to listen to all of your music in random order, or at least get to hear each song once! What you actually get to hear is a very small selection of that music over and over (and over) again. Argh!! This bugs the hell out of me, and honestly I think it defies the purpose of even having a ‘shuffle’ setting.

By the way, the best way to listen to music on the computer is in media player classic. Instead of using the ‘shuffle’ setting, randomize the playlist a few times and then play it from the beginning. At least media player remembers whether and when it played a song.

Oh well, enjoy this song by the All American Rejects, it’s catchy, sweet, romantic and it been in my head for over a week now (argh).

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