In memoriam the King of Pop


When I arrived at the train station yesterday (very early argh) on my way to the airport. I got the dreadful news from the morning paper. Michael Jackson is gone, the end of an era. In some small way, this must have been what it was like when John Lennon died. Ok so maybe Michael wasn’t as much of an example of how to live your life. He was a phenomenon, a force of nature and tragically unique and alone.  He was my childhood hero, I remember wanting to send him letters about how I understood him and how I wanted to be his friend. In retrospect I think he might have appreciated it, poor guy. I have never believed the allegations of pedophilia made against him. I think he might have done some stuff that wasn’t smart to do because of what other people thought of him, but I sincerely think he has never intended any harm of any kind towards anyone.

And I know I will miss him. For some reason, having him be part of the world was important to me. Whenever he would be in the news I felt like they were talking about an old friend of mine who was still there despite everything he’d been trough.

So Michael, rest in peace. Peace you needed and couldn’t find. You will be sorely missed, not only by the huge amount of screaming and crying fans, but also by the little girl with glasses and pigtails that used to dance to you music, sing your songs and wanted to write you letters.

Thanks Mike, hope you  have it better now.

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