Greetz from the deep

josien diving

A quick little post from the homeland. Below the surface that is. I had decided to hold my mom under water for a few hours. Luckily the lovely people at private diving were taking a boat out to the wreck of the Jane C and invited us along on a double-tanker.

The Jane C was marvelous as always, she gets prettier every time I see her. She used to be a cement cargo ship, but when the crew decided there was more money to be made in another type of white powder the ship was confiscated and sunk as an artificial reef.

Being under water never ceases to be special to me. It’s like an alternate universe you can choose to be in. It has different gravity, different sounds and movement possibilities. I love the way I can determine my vertical movement just by consciously controlling my breathing, and that one flick of an ankle (with my huge TUSA fins on) can set my flying in any direction I want to go.

By the time I’m finally getting to post this, we’ve already embarked on a wonderful night-dive on the wreck of the Perdenalis last night and a lovely smooth shore-dive this morning. We’ve seen spotted Murray eels, pretty little trunkfish, parrotfish and even a sea-turtle!

So yay for diving! I’m gonna be a fish in my next life.

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