So after a nine hour flight I’m back in the land of sub-30C temperatures and rain 😦 Being on Aruba was wonderful as always. There is something special about the air, the light and the sea that feels so much like home that every time I visit it feels like I never left. Being there without my partner and having no particular place to go got me thinking about the time I grew up there. I was an awkward kid, and didn’t really fit in very well anywhere. I was too Dutch for the Aruban kids, too Aruban for the Dutch kids, too boyish for the girls and downright scary to the boys 🙂 Yep, there was definitely just one of me. And even though I was slender and pretty in retrospect, I don’t remember ever feeling that way. Still, I guess that’s what all girls do to themselves at that age. I do remember feeling smart, even a bit superior to others in that respect, to compensate for the other stuff I guess.

So I turned 27 not long ago and I feel pretty today and much less superior and awkward, and I had some pictures taken to celebrate 🙂 Or, more truthfully my parents took a whole bunch of pictures of me, a few of which that came out pretty well. And I am narcissistic enough to put them all up here.

By the way, did you notice the hair? I have always wanted to have my hair done by a guy called Fabio. Turns out my parents’ hairdresser is actually called Fabio! They got me an appointment and this guy is the real McCoy. He got angry with me about my highlights. I had them done ages ago but supposedly they ‘ruined’ my hair. It took some persuasion but he finally agreed to give me bangs, but only if I promised to use a blow-dryer or a straitening iron*.  Gosh was he strict. But I got the cut I have wanted for years now, yay Fabio!

*Which of course I didn’t do. Who has the time to fry/electrocute their hair in the morning? (mum’s the word though.. don’t tell Fabio!)

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