I tried pilates today.  ‘Watch out, it’s pretty tough, you’ll be aching all over’ warns my colleague when I tell her of my resolution. Gosh, thanks.. now I’m starting to worry. The silly thing is, I never actually researched what pilates is exactly so I went in with a open mind (and a towel). But as it turns out, pilates is great!

For one thing, you can do it lying down..

How cool is that?! Fitness without getting off your ass! This is definitely a keeper. There’s relaxing music, and a lady who tells you to relax your shoulders, or she relaxes them for you. The focus is on breathing and posture, and makes you very aware of your body. Just the thing I need, relaxation and body control. Oh and there’s nasty-ass belly-exercises too. Wow, I have not felt burn like that for a while!

So yay! that’s going to be my new workout; spinning and pilates.

Or so I thought..When I tried to reserve for the next class, it turns out they don’t teach the class during the summer vacation. AARGH Another one of my genius plots thwarted!

Oh well..

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