A little tin can just for me

cartin So everything is going to be different now. Apparently I have to get used to my whole life making a U-turn once every few years. All the plans, the ideas of the future..gone I guess, changed radically anyway. For someone who likes to plan.. err just about everything it is annoying to say the least.

But to make myself a little happier throughout all this, and to aid in finding and moving to a new place, I got myself.. drum roll please.. my very own car!!
Well, when I say ‘car’, I mean a little gray tin can with wheels and a license plate. It’s a Suzuki Alto automatic from 1990, and it’s all mine. I got it last Friday. I went to the dealership by bus and left by car. Yay! Ok, I drove the wrong way at first and had to phone the dealership to ask what kind of petrol to put in the tank when I got to the gas station, but who cares? I got a car!! Yay!

This week I’m looking into new housing, which will hopefully be concluded soon. And although the circumstances are sad, I kind of look forward to having a little place to myself. Oh well, I’ll just see how things develop. Meanwhile, I’ll just sputter along in my little tin can, blasting Bob Dylan and smiling..

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