Clearing my head in Groningen



So I drove my little car all the way to Utrecht and then on to Groningen.
Well, I did get lost a few times along the way, but I got there in the end. I was soo proud of myself, and of course my little tin can. It can do 140km/h! I have to really persuade him, but he does it!

I visited dear old friends and then went on to stay with my sister. She got me this amazing gift. She pimped my car! Now I have ‘blikje’  (little can) on the back of my car in really cool letters! (check the picture.. cute huh?).

We had a great time driving around, we went to the sea (hence the weird windy picture of me). And my sister taught me all kinds of car-lore, As it turns out, cars need stuff like motor oil and cooling fluid. And we had a BBQ in her home made way cool fireplace. Thx sis! And thanks to all harboring me this weekend.P8240042

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One Response to Clearing my head in Groningen

  1. Flora says:

    Wat zijn jullie toch een heerlijke meiden, ik wou dat ik er bij had kunnen wezen.

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