Counting my blessings

 Fries201..2..3…4….err a gazillion???

No I mean it. When the breakup was final, every single person I told about it offered to come over. Distance was not an issue. I had to start pulling my agenda and plan people in at one point!

I am truly blessed. I have experienced so much support and love from the people around me. Who would have thought that within one year of living in Nijmegen I would have friends here that would be willing to give up a free evening to help me move to a new place. It’s amazing..

And I have no way of saying how much I appreciate it and how much it means to me.

I can only tell you over and over again that I am truly grateful en will probably try to pour large amounts of booze into you at the next opportunity or stuff your face with food. Preferably both.

So I count my blessings every day. This morning I looked out of my bedroom window and stared straight into the beautiful black eyes of Jelle, the majestic Frisian gelding I get to break in and ride when and wherever I want. Then I looked at my piano, my desk, my bed, my Terry Pratchett books and all the other stuff that had been lugged in there by wonderful friends who asked for nothing in return for their hard work..

I truly lead a charmed life.

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One Response to Counting my blessings

  1. Flora says:

    "just like me ,they long to be,Close to you"

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