Thank God I’m a Country Girl..


Here’s the view through my ‘kitchen’ window as captured by the fogged up lens of my laptop. Ok I didn’t know it was fogged up when I took the picture, but I just want to give you an idea of what my mornings look like these days. The black horse-shaped blob is actually Jelle warming himself in the morning sun.

Pretty sweet eh?

Yesterday I helped bring in the hay and I cooked for everyone (landlord, his wife, my new roommate and her bf). I also fed the sheep and the chickens up front.
Gosh, the country life..


This blurry picture shows a view of my room made from that ‘kitchen’ window. As you can see from the mess, I have made myself at home 🙂 But my piano is there and my desk and my bed behind it. And I put up those shelves all by myself!!

Ok, I promise to have better pictures soon, and more blogs. My internet is not working optimally (or at all) yet, so bear with me until everything is back in focus..

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