And just before the weekend..

zomg it's jorge Cham! My pictures with Jorge Cham came in!!

/on groupie modus

Looklooklooklook.. thats ME with JORGE CHAM!!! OMG!

/off groupie modus

In case you are wondering.. Jorge Cham is the author of the great comic ‘Piled Higher and Deeper’ (PhD) who came to our Donders PhD retreat to give an incredibly fun lecture on The Power of Procrastination. He is a bit of an authority on the subject since his procrastination during his PhD project probably made him more money than he ever made in science. Btw did you know the guys who thought of Google we’re procrastinating on their research project as well?

See? I’m not a bad person for blogging

PS: It’s Jorge Cham!!

PPS: yes I do realize i look silly in the picture, I just don’t photograph that well.(It’s Jorge Cham!!)

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