My mindset has gone from: ‘Everything is changing’ to ‘Everything is going to be different’. It’s a subtle difference, but an important one. I am going to take this change thing and make it my own. I will change the things I am unhappy about and explore the good things to make them better. So here they are, my resolutions:

1.  I shall be kinder and more forgiving towards the people around me, but not to the extent that it harms me spiritually, energetically or otherwise.

2.  I shall not settle for less than what I really want. No more buying or doing stuff because they’re kind of what I want and the just hope that it will become what I want. Same goes for relationships, be they romantic, amicable or professional.

3. I shall explore my set beliefs and boundaries and be open to changing them, but change them only out of my own conviction, not anyone else’s.

4. I shall accept change and uncertainty, strive to find joy and excitement in the unknown and relaxed resignation in the uncontrollable. (this is a toughie).

So there, I think that’s it. Pretty ZEN eh? I told you; I could be Confucius if I didn’t keep bumping into things 🙂

Have a great weekend everyone!

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