Yep… Pancreatic cancer will kill ya..

It is a very sad thing when a man dies before reaching the pensionable age, and now we have lost Patrick Swayze to pancreatic cancer. Like most of the women my age and older I had a huge crush on him in Dirty Dancing. I always wondered whether whatsherface (you know, the nose with the girl attached) stayed with him afterward or just went home with her stupid family. I always figured I would have gotten into his car, smashed window and all, and just drove off with him to an uncertain future (very uncertain considering his career choices).

Gosh.. Enough swooning about the past. In fact, I guess Patrick ended up really hating that movie since he’s done lots of other stuff but all everybody ever remembers is the silly dancing flick he busted his knees on. To add insult to injury (har har) he was recast as sort of a joke in Dirty Dancing II (check embedded vid) and several other movies just because of Dirty Dancing.

Oh well.. He’s gone and he will be missed I guess, although maybe we should be grateful he’s not in incredible amounts of pain anymore. Having any kind of trouble with lower abdominal organs isn’t much of a party, but I understand the pancreas is one of the worst bastards when it comes to causing pain.

Rest in peace dude, now just you dance up that stairway to heaven..

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