P1316_13-09-09‘You always find these special places to live’

We drove through orchards and farmlands on the way to my new home. I smiled, special? Well, Ubbergen was special, and I guess my little place in Groningen was also kind of special, so maybe she’s right. For me the special thing about all my homes was the feeling I got when I first saw them; ‘This is where I want to live’ . That’s pretty unusual for someone who isn’t overly fond of new places.

So she petted the horses and met the dogs and laughed at my interesting alternative heating system aka the spotlights in my ceiling. It turns out that my floor is so close to my ceiling that my room heats up when I turn the lights on 🙂

Oh well..

We went out to a whisky-tasting and tasted a special 30 year old Balvenie among some lesser whisky’s. Big winners were the Benriach Curiositas and The Balvenie Signature. Back home we cracked open the bottle of wine my parting student gave me (good student) and continued our contemplations on whisky, life the universe and everything. (oh, and men). It felt so good to have one of those good old wine&talk sessions in my new place. It really made the little room opposite the stables feel like a home, my home.

The conclusions of the evening were.. well frankly I don’t remember half of them, but my Caol Ila was the best whisky of evening and then there was a conclusion about life but..

I might have to get back to you on that one.

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One Response to Special..

  1. Arina says:

    🙂 Leuk stukje! Herkenbaar! X Arina

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