Gravity sucks..

I’m working on my morning routines. You know, what time to set the alarm, what time to be dressed, what time to leave.. that sort of thing. This morning I thought  I’d finally got it, I even stopped watching my favorite cartoon to be sure I got to work at 9:00 for once.

And then this happened:

P0808[01]_18-09-09 P0808_18-09-09

Do I need to explain what happened? Well, there is a ditch in front of our parking spaces, and I sort of prided myself on being able to avoid it so far. Now my car, like myself, has some difficulty getting started in the morning. I have gotten used to starting the car in neutral gear so I can yank it into reverse as soon as it starts. This is generally a good approach, not counting gravity and my car’s tendency to conck out on cold mornings. So there I went.

Fortunately my landlord is an early riser who enjoys watching me struggle with my moody car, he fished me out of the ditch (while making treasure hunting jokes, har har) and by some miracle I got to work in time. So all is well that ends well.

Oh well..

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