Pinky wanted…


‘Cause it turns out I have a brain. See? it’s right there –>

A colleague of mine needed to look at it for some of his experiments. Apparently, my brain has stuff to tell him that it doesn’t tell me.

I wonder whether I pissed it off or something, because I get the distinct feeling it has stopped talking to me altogether. I am motivated to work and there’s tons I have to do. However, all that comes out of my brain these days is: ‘beuh, let’s go read some comics on the internet’ or the even less productive ‘I can’t do this anyway, so why bother?’.

I really want to get stuff rolling but I can’t find the momentum. Plus there’s the stupid kidney and being tired all the time. But that doesn’t stop me from doing stuff like training the horses and cleaning the stables, so that’s no excuse.

Maybe I need to start slow and make a detailed list of all the stuff I need to do, since I’ve been postponing that for a while as well. Argh.

Oh well…

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