Every body(part) hurts.. sometimes



I have started working with Maartje, the brown KNWP mare.  She’s a pedigree jumping horse but she hasn’t been ridden in a while. The first time I got a saddle on her she managed to get all four of her legs in the air at the same time just to try and throw me. Fortunately, one of my very few riding skills includes the all important ‘staying on the horse no matter what’-skill so she didn’t succeed.

She did succeed in getting me to re-think my rash approach to riding.  I guess now that I’m older I do tend to realize the danger of situations more often. So the second time I got into the saddle I was nervous. Me! The brave and never afraid Josien, shaking with nerves. And she picked up on it. So we spent a nervous hour walking and trotting, trying to remember what it was like to ride. And then when I finally dismounted I was shaking even more. I never realized there was so much emotion there!

The next day we rode again, with a little more confidence in both of us. So much even, that we did a perfectly acceptable, contained gallop at the end of the session. I was so proud of both of us! Turns out she is a pretty amazing horse, she even responds well to voice commands!

And I can see the extra work and attention doing her good. As for me, I ache in places I forgot I had, gosh I am hugely out of riding shape!

Oh well.. you win some you lose some..

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One Response to Every body(part) hurts.. sometimes

  1. Rose-Anne says:

    Ow, wat heeerlijk! Goed gedaan! I am proud! En wanneer mag ik langskomen, ik ben nu al verliefd! xx

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