Tales from beyond..

And this will be my view for the next few days. 









A very luxurious room in hotel l’hospital. Yep, it finally happened, After more than a month of lower back pain and weird pee, I have been admitted.

Strangely enough, things started moving pretty fast after the urologist decided I should hang out with them for a while. Before I knew it I’d had a CT scan, blood cultures taken and rolled out to the urology ward.

This morning they kindly installed a drain in my kidney to drain (duh) the muck that was supposedly in there. And oh boy there was a lot of muck in there. I was almost proud when I heard the doctors’ comments (e.a  “wow look at that!’, ‘gross’, ‘ehw that is a lot of muck’)

So for those of you who are wondering what that looks like I have a cute picture of the tube that’s coming out of me and a picture of my IV just because it looks cool.

Oh well..



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