Good morning..


What a way to wake up. Unbelievable, they send like a whole regiment of doctors into your room every morning while you’re there waking up in your underwear and they expect you to feel better? Argh. Oh well, they came in this morning and told me that I was doing pretty ok considering the circumstances. So they were thinking of stopping the IV drip and starting the antibiotics orally. Also, since I didn’t need the drip anymore they would send me home with my new snazzy handbag (In this years’ autumn colors; pus-green and urine-yellow, attaches firmly and easily to your kidney!).

This kinda bums me out. I was kind of getting used to my breakfast in bed, fast wifi and flat screen tv. Also I’m nice and close to work and still get to lie down. Sure, they promised I could come back to have my kidney taken out, but only when it’s ‘calmed down’ (apparently they’re trying to teach it not to have tantrums or something).

Speaking of child rearing; my mother arrives today, which is good I guess no matter how old you are, it always helps to have one’s mommy around when there is a booboo involved. Non that I have not been excellently looked after so far, I even had the whole department over for lunch the other day! That was so sweet, they even got me one of those cards signed by literally everybody. I was really touched.

Oh well, I guess it;s back to the farm or wherever for me..

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One Response to Good morning..

  1. Arina says:

    En zien de dokters er een beetje goed uit dan? Dat mis ik in je verhaal :P. X Arina

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