Cars are cars


Yesterday I met with the urologist and the anesthetist. Apparently you need to be turned inside out and poked everywhere (with VERY cold fingers) for them to know how to put you under. The urologist is a complete bastard who thinks waggling his eyebrows is a substitute for being nice. Shouldn’t there be a rule that you’re supposed to like the guy who’s going to be doing the cutting into you? Oh well..

When my mom and I returned to the parking lot after all these tribulations it turned out we had left the lights of my precious vehicle on. Great. Well,  long live the people from the ANWB road services. They were there in no time and not only did they recharge my car battery but they also showed me I had a manual choke button. (D’oh,! Sometimes I just feel the typical blonde). Guess why I’ve been having so much trouble starting my car.. :S

That evening six of my wonderful colleagues came by bearing gifts. I just cannot believe I deserve such lovely attention and pure wonderfulness. I feel really, truly blessed.

One of the great gifts was ‘Rush hour’, a magnificent puzzling game. I have been hooked on it ever since. Want to play it? Here is the online version. Enjoy!

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