okt 09 Sien en Albert 054For those of you who just aren’t getting enough of the gory pictures; this is what my tube looks like under the bandages. Neat huh? They wrapped part of the tube in some tape and stitched that to my back. So there’s actually two things stuck to me, one to drain my kidney and one to keep it from draining anything else 🙂

Also, they set a date for my operation. The 26th of November is the big day, and that means another six weeks with my new accessory and matching bag 😦 Really, really annoying. I was planning  on making a new, exciting independent life for myself. I was going to work real hard at my project and the horses. Instead I can’t drive to work, I’m not allowed to go near the horses and I’m dependent on someone to change my bandages every two days. Apparently I’m still due some life lessons.

Lesson 1: Life hardly ever never goes as planned

Oh well..

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