A novel idea

P1723_17-09-09I feel like I should be in one of those novels. I mean I just stepped out of my window in my pyamas and bathrobe to pet the horses and feed them for the night. How idyllic is that?

I can just see it now, nerdy sciency girl comes to live on a farm after being dumped by her boyfriend whom she thought she was going to marry. At first she tries to analyze and rationalize everything but then everything changes. And then there is the untamed black gelding that was saved by the farm owners on his way to the slaughter. The two instantly feel a bond that develops interestingly throughout the book. At first she tries to tame him through regular methods, which seem to fail. But then she is felled by her kidney and being unable to ride she turns to different methods. They both learn to change their ways and grow through trusting each other..

See? Pretty cool huh? The only thing missing are rugged brooding/annoying stable hands for the romantic development and the much needed sexual passages. Preferably with involving haystacks. My landlords do have a couple of sons but none of them are around a lot or particularly interesting to me for that matter. Well.. maybe I’ll come up with something soon 🙂

Oh, and I couldn’t think of a good title, so I’m changing the horse’s name to something that would work on the shelf

Oh well..

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