Uh oh

dr_house_caricature_409885Ok, so maybe watching House episodes with the surgery only weeks away wasn’t a such great idea.

Man, I really hope my doctor isn’t having weird personal issues to work trough while he should be treating me. The guy doing the operation is a bit of a bastard though. I sure hope that means he’s brilliant..

Watching House and Grey’s Anatomy taught me that, like every workplace, hospitals have peoples lives going on in them. Possibly even more so because it’s a hospital. People get emotional, distracted, and people make mistakes. It’s kind of scary when you think about it.

Then again it’s a workplace, and taking out kidneys is something they do the same way I do experiments and write stuff. It’s hard, but it’s not likely I’ll screw up even if I do have a bad day. Right? Hm, maybe not the best example..

Also, House’s patients always turn out ok in the end, don’t they? Plus, that Chase guy is pretty cute, he can sit by my bedside anytime. 🙂

Oh well..

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