Qbeez Together!


Today I am having my first serious attempt at working. I got up early (earlier than usual anyway) and spoke to my advisor over the phone. Boy was I nervous. But I got the support I needed to start getting back on track, at least it sort of feels that way. I’m still a bit hesitant to really start. What if I can’t do it? What if it turns out to be way too difficult to do by myself at home? Then again, that’s what an advisor is for. By the way, did I tell you he is coming over? OMG How awk-inspiring is that? (awk-inspiring: Inspiring great awkwardness).

So naturally if I’m attempting to work there must be something around to distract me. I honestly thought I was going to be knee-deep in NWN2 since Fransien did a pretty hard sell on that last Thursday, but since the game has not downloaded mysteriously appeared on my computer yet I am playing Qbeez. It is a regular blockblaster but the blocks are SOO cute! The shout ‘qbeez together!’ when you blast them and every color has it’s own accent! I just can’t get enough of hearing it.

So if you feel like procrastinating like a pro (punz! lol!) Play it here, and magically acquire it here.

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