And the minute I post the ‘halleluiah I’m getting operated on soon’-blog, my phone rings and this happens:

mexican_flu_553065Good Afternoon Ms de Bie, You’re supposed to have a nephrectomy on the 26th of November right?
Uh.. yes?
Yeah, that’s being postponed.. With the Mexican flu and everything, the operating rooms are supposed to be kept extra clean and that takes lots of time, I hope you understand..
Uh.. sure, so what happens now?
– Yeah, you’re supposed to come in on Friday the 27th, and the operation will be the Monday after. But you get to go on weekend leave..
But I don’t have to, right?
– Uh no, you kind of do. You have to leave on Friday after check in and then come back on Sunday..

How bizarre is that? What kind of clean is the OR usually; Regular or Extra Crisply? Oh well, at least it gives me a little more time to work. In between all the unnecessary checking in and out of the hospital that is. Geez.. what a bunch of weirdoes.

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