The final Countdown


Sometimes I wish I could bring myself to write one of those sappy ‘Free like the wind’ poems, I have this amazing picture of Dirk running on the path in front of the house. Wouldn’t it just make the perfect poster?

The last news in my life is that that I can finally start counting down the days to my operation.. A little over a week to go, yay! I never thought I’d be so much looking forward to the whole operation thing but I am sooo done with that stupid tube-and-bag contraption. Let the healing begin I say!

On a more positive note; I have been getting lotsa visits lately. Wonderful people risking life and limb to get to the middle of nowhere that is my residence, and bearing gifts to boot. Apparently it is custom to get a sick person gifts, I did not know that. Not that I’m complaining, hell I might punch out the other kidney if it means this much lovely attention and presents. 🙂

Ooh and exclusive attention from my supervisor. I haven’t felt so productive and motivated in a long time. It turns out The Visit wasn’t hardly as awkward as I thought it would be, I have been happily working my ass off ever since. So yay supervisor!

Also, I did some riding exercises with Jelle when my riding friend Rose-Anne came over. I was insanely jealous she got to ride when I was instructing from the ground. I know she is a better rider than I am and I’ll get my chance as soon as I’m healed, but still .P1130[01]_15-11-09



Jelle did great by the way. It really feels like magic the way he reacts to body language and posture. Like; hauling on the reins will not slow him down one bit, but taking a deep breath and emptying your mind will bring him to a full halt in the middle of a canter. Big silly old Zen horse.

Oh well..

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One Response to The final Countdown

  1. Rose-Anne says:

    Owww I loved it too!

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