I’m a nymph!

Nymph_mala I visited my good friend Benoit last week. His bf had invited me as a surprise and as it turns out, Ben had a surprise for me. He’s getting his PhD next year and he has asked me to be his paranymph! And although they say dancing in the moonlight and being dressed like an elf isn’t a requirement I’m hoping get to do at least one of those 🙂

But all kidding aside, I am so hugely honored! In olden days you were supposed to ask the largest men you knew to be paranymphs to help you fight the professors when the discussion of your thesis got a little heated. In modern times this is no longer necessary, probably because professors are lazier these days or something.

Anyways, I get to wear a suit and be important at the thesis defense of someone I love to bits, yay!

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One Response to I’m a nymph!

  1. Kors says:

    Congratulations! I think Ben has chosen the best nymph possible!

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