Oh noes!, they be takin mah kidney!

So I did the whole ‘going to the hospital and leaving again’ thing today. It sucked. I told my story how it took a whole bunch of highly trained people six weeks to agree with my original self-diagnosis to about three people who asked me the same questions over and over again. And it turns out.. I don’t get to keep my kidney! I knew the were going to take it out of me, but I was really hoping on taking it home in a jar. I mean, it’s my organ, shouldn’t I get a say in what happens to it? Oh well, and I spoke to the very annoying arrogant dude who’s doing the operation again. Surprise, that didn’t make me feel any better either. Plus, they’re putting me in a room with three other people! What happened to my wonderful luxurious single room? I might not even have wifi! Oh noes!

Oh and get this; they are operating on me on a Monday morning, bloody early too! Basterds. Anyways apparently my room number will be 230-4  (4 stands for three other annoying sick people in the room with me) on route 619 (Urology). And I guess visiting hours will be a little more strict because of the other dudes 😦 Officially they are 15:00 to 20:00. 😦 Beh

Before that all happens my mom and I are fixing up my room for when I get back. She wields power tools like a pro and we haven’t had any mayor casualties so far, Go mom! I’ve added some pictures of our achievements so far. Enjoy!

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