Early! urgh!

This is what happens; They wake you at some ungodly hour and give you towels and a special surgery shirt. Now towels I can handle; early morning showers, not so much. And then there is that surgery shirt, which is a very complicated piece of technology (especially in the morning). I’ve had to call for assistance eventually, and it turns out: It doesn’t even cover your back (or any of the adjoining parts). Seriously, what is the deal with hospitals? Do the keep a photo archive of peoples butts somewhere?

Oh well, thank god for my laptop and the internet so I can divert my attention towards other things (like butt photo archives 🙂 ). By the way, the internet is kindly provided by.. well.. my boyfriend. Yes, I have a new boyfriend. Just so you know. It wasn’t planned and I have tried to resist it but there you go.

Gosh I feel like such a sap..

Oh well.

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One Response to Early! urgh!

  1. fransien says:

    Beterschap gewenst! Btw kun je niet zo\’n shirt mee naar huis nemen? Kinky hoor:pGroetjes Fransien

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