It’s Alive!!

A humpback whale slapping the surface with its tail. I’m out of the OR and I’m ok. I’m hopped up on morphine (man is that weird) and I sleep a lot. I’ve even had visitors! And of course lots of text messages. Thanks everyone your caring can pull me trough anything.

There will be more blogging as soon as I can type without keeping one eye shut to prevent the letters dancing around on the screen. (yay drugs)

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One Response to It’s Alive!!

  1. Casper says:

    Ben heel blij te horen dat de operatie goed is verlopen. \’K heb gisteren aan je gedacht toen je op de operatie tafel lag, wat fijn dat je de goede zorgen van je moeder, je vriendje en alle andere assorted friends+family hebt. Word snel beter en geniet van de morfine trip, LOL!

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