How YOU doin’ ?

How you doin'?Since everybody has been so nice as to ask me how I’m doing I thought I’d return the favor. The holidays are all over the place and since I am not taking part in them this year I am sympathizing with the poor sods that are. How y’all doin’?

As to answer the question myself; I’m pretty ok. I got home last Thursday, which was great since I was really fed up with that room and the everyone in it. Even the staff. I mean, I can understand it might be necessary to wake me at seven by turning all the lights on and opening my curtains so the lady opposite me can stare at me some more. But do you have to criticize my breakfast choices? And why when I have explained to the for the third time that I just want a slice of white bread to test my stomach, I get two pieces of brown bread?

Oh well, that’s all over now. I’m in Alphen recovering nicely, my shoulders have stopped hurting so I can get to the serious injuries. Which are modest by the way. The only things that really hurt are the spot where the cut through my abdominal muscles and my lower back (where my kidney used to be). And it’s getting better every day, yay!

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