Go ahead and eat a bunny!

I saw rabbits are back in the stores and that means.. time for a great rabbit recipe! It’s a stew/ragout made with tame rabbit and dark beer and juniper berries to go with fresh pasta and pecorino cheese. It is a great show recipe because you can prepare most of it in advance and it looks, sounds and tastes pretty amazing. And even if you don’t cook on a regular basis this recipe is pretty easy.

I have written it in Dutch and I will translate upon request, but here’s the gist of it;

yum– Get a rabbit (or parts) somewhere at low cost (this is not a recipe for high priced meat)
– Make a broth with at minimum; the rabbit, onions, juniper berries enough salt and some bay leaves.
– Make a roux using butter and flour, don’t forget bake the roux for about a minute.
– Pour the broth through a sieve and let the rabbit parts and remaining vegetables cool (remove spices).
– Carefully stir in the broth to make a thick sauce, taste it and add fresh ground black pepper and other spices to liking.
– Remove the meat from the rabbit bones and add to the sauce together with the vegetables (toss the bones).
– Serve the ragout over fresh pasta, (preferably home made) with slivers of pecorino cheese, a tangy salad and a glass of oaky red wine.

Btw this reminds me of a newish internet phenomenon ‘suicide bunnies’. I’m still not sure what’s so funny about them but I can’t stop reading.


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