Go play Dragon Age!

dragon-age-002 A friend got Dragon Age Origins for me and I was very grateful if a bit skeptical.  I mean; I have played Baldur’s gate, Morrowind and all Neverwinter Nights releases and I thought this was going to be either more of the same (like NWN2) or one of those awful 3D things like Oblivion. As it turns out it is none of those. It is a beautiful well thought out game that has anything and everything you ever wanted in a rpg. The controls are smooth and natural as is the gameplay. No endless do-overs of conversations, without it feeling like you’re missing out. You can be extremely particular in you character build (up to the precise measurement of facial features SimsII- style!) or you can build a character that is much less hassle but still uniquely yours. The graphics aren’t too shabby either and you have complete control over the view, whether you like the classic overview or the 3D over-the-shoulder view, it’s all there and very functional.

198257-dragonage-26 But it’s the little things that get me. Like the instant equipped vs selected item comparison. As soon as you click an item in your inventory that you would like to equip, the game automatically shows a comparison window for the equipped item of that type. Or the fact that you can pick up knowledge without having to drag books around, the pages you pick up are automatically stored and archived in your hitchhikers guide; the Codex. Not to mention the shared inventory, which keeps you from having to shuffle items around characters. Oh and there’s so much more! But I really don’t have time to tell you that.. gotta get back to my game!

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One Response to Go play Dragon Age!

  1. Casper says:

    I envy you having the time for dragon Age ! I have been playing it a bit when I had bad bronchitis last month and i must say I love it! But atm I just cant find the time to get into the experience as much as it deserves, I\’ll get to it later I hope :)Great passtime though, brilliant RPG, I almost like it better than the whitcher, scratch the almost almost. -confused-

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