sunsettelefilm That’s it, I’m getting a sex change operation.

Or maybe I’ve just been watching too much McLeods daughters.  I mean it’s a fun series with lots of horses, but isn’t there anything else in a woman’s life except getting married and having babies? For Pete’s sake, if it was an all men’s series with cars or something it would never be so marriage/baby-heavy. And by the way, why aren’t there any series about strong career women? I’d hate to be one of those angry feminists but it does bug me. Is this what I’m supposed to expect or strive to in life?

And what if I don’t? Do you fail in life if you’re an unmarried childless woman? And why isn’t it like that for men? I doubt there are men my age asking themselves these questions.

Well it’s not fair and I feel like whining about it.

Maybe I should just watch another series.

Oh well…

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One Response to Women

  1. Flora says:

    Maybe you\’re watching the wrong series. McLeods daughters is a very stupid serie.

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