First pictures from Aruba

SNC00111This is me on my first morning on Aruba, and it’s wonderful to be here. Just being exposed to sunlight and warmth does a world of good to me. With everything that’s happened the last few months it’s great to just sit back and be, so I’m doing a lot of that 🙂 Before we left I had a wonderful traditional Christmas dinner with my Holland-bound family. Apart from the great food and surroundings the evening was really special. just the feeling of having so many people tied to you, people you can belong to is very very special.

So that is one of the many things floating around in my head and I’m trying to be very zen about my thoughts, just trying to have them come to me and go like the tides and not try to hold on or examine them. I find booze helps 🙂

Anyway, I’m glad to be out of the cold and out of the rushing and really looking forward to next year.

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