Musing over Coffee..


We found an amazing coffee place at Paseo Herencia, one of the new huge shopping malls cropping up in the highrise area. It’s called Mocca something or other and they serve the best ice coffee on the island. The first few times we went there, there was this guy who looked vaguely familiar to me. But then again nearly everyone on Aruba looks vaguely familiar. I’d looked at him a few times and he’d looked back, but you never know whether you might be unwittingly flirting.

But yesterday went I placed my order in Papiamento, he hazarded to ask whether he knew me. Turns out he actually is the guy I thought he was. Germond, brother to my sisters ex-boyfriend when we were kids. I remember those guys coming over with their guitars and amps and all of us playing Guns and Roses and other hard rock classics (ok, me on the violin being the dork I was).

He’d just had a baby girl by his Dutch wife and managed the coffee place, so he’s doing pretty well for himself. When I asked him how he liked Holland he said he missed it terribly. Funny that. It’s true though that there is not much here for young people so I guess I understand..

Anyway, it’s so weird to find people from my childhood recognizing them, and being recognized by them. It really adds to the feeling of being home while at same time emphasizing that I left and that I grew up. I was so different back then, and still so much the same.

Oh well..

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