Getting mentally prepared..

Donders tea

Today Albert is flying back and that means.. argh Only one week left in Aruba! I have started drinking my tea from a Donders Institute mug to mentally prepare myself for getting back to work. The weird thing is that I’m kind of looking forward to it. Ok, the dark and cold weather.. not so much. But really getting stuck into work and my new life.

I’ve had some time to think here and I’ve decided to be glad of all the things that happened last year. I learned that a lot of my preconceptions about life aren’t necessarily true (big one there), and that I’m not alone. When I look at the countless blogs I wrote about people coming to visit and caring when they weren’t obligated to by any social convention.. well I just.. I just know that I’m not alone and that is an amazing feeling. And I’ve learned that everything can go upside down and still turn out ok, or better even! And I‘ve decided to start planning less and doing more (we’ll see how that turns out)

So I have one more week to contemplate this in the sun.. better get started!

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