Back in business..


I’m alive! I can carry my own tank again! (ok, technically my mothers’ tank). We went diving today and it went well! I can carry my gear without pain, and my reduced organ count has not influenced my buoyancy control. I can still reach my neutral buoyancy with an 6lbs weight belt, yay!

Talking about weight, I’m afraid I might have put on some, with all the not moving and still eating well. But as soon as I get back I’m going to get back on track with the spinning lessons and Pilates so I’ll be in shape for the summer.

I guess this means I’m fully whole again, apart from a few tender bits around the scars and the place where my kidney used to be. But otherwise I’m fine.  And the dive was wonderful. We were going to do a drift dive from Mangel Halto to Pos Chiquito but we decided against it when the weather changed suddenly. So we hung around the bowl for a bit, when all of a sudden a wreck loomed up ahead of us. Surprise! It had been sunk there a few weeks ago for the beginning divers that tend to frequent the site, but it hadn’t been in the papers or anything.

So a great dive and a great day. Yay!

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