P1305[02]_14-01-10Our family has been going to this supermarket for .. well forever I guess. The name of the store is impossible to pronounce and the staff speaks an incomprehensible mix of Chinese, Papiamento, Dutch and Spanish but it’s a pretty good store. They are one of the few stores in the area that carry Dutch products next to the local and American staples. But it’s only recently that they have started advertising with it. It keeps cracking me up when this seemingly typical Chino/Aruban store has signs up saying: ‘Gevulde Koek!’ or phrased in Papiamento that they have Dutch cookies and that the ship with ‘Brinta’ has come in.

P1310_14-01-10Ever since I can remember I have been fascinated with their fresh meat station, especially the large cow tongues on display. I still go look at the cow tongues (‘lenga di baca’, second from the left), so I decided to take a picture for posterity. So here it is

In completely unrelated news, people have been taking their pants of in New York for the No pants subway ride. What a great idea! We should have that in Holland!What a great way to put the weird situation in trains and subways into a new perspective. Yay!

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