I hate packing.

For some reason it always makes me sad. And I’m not even talking about trying to get the darn suitcase to close with all my stuff in it. My fins tend to take up a lot of space, but I would not consider leaving them here or travelling without them. And then there is all the other stuff I brought that I never used (argh). Sometimes I wish I could be a dude and just wear pants and a shirt, hell not even a shirt! I’d just wear pants all day.  Not even all day!

wait, I’m not sure where this is going..

Anyways, tomorrow I’m setting off for home again, armed with my old school Gameboy and 5 Pratchett audiobooks on my mp3-player. Yay!


I got the sweetest message today from the secretary of our department, saying she missed me and how the department needed me to bring the fun back home. Guess I need to go find a way to close that suitcase of mine and hurry on home.. See y’all soon!

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