9 out of many..

9-MovieI watched the new animated movie ‘9’ the other night. It was very pretty and quite enjoyable. Mostly because it reminded me of my favorite games. Like ‘Machinarium’, featured in one of my earlier blogs. The cute, machinelike characters and the post-apocalyptic scenery are almost identical in the game and the movie. Also, the way that old pieces of discarded equipment are re-used for new purposes. Then, the way the movie starts, the main character waking up having to find out what happened to  him and the world around him is of course a common feature of Machinariummost adventure games. The ambient sounds and light gave it a strong Riven-esque feel. Which is fine since I really loved Riven. I practically lived it for a while! I’ll never forget my distress when the D’ni dude took my book in the beginning of the game (at 3.14 in the linked vid).

Anyway.. The plot bears a strong likeness to that of The Lord of the Rings. The likeness stretches even to the features of the villain, which is basically a big red eye on legs incessantly searching for the party of main characters.

The only annoying thing about it is that the war that pretty much ends the (human) world is initiated by a clearly communist leader. This political touch is completely unnecessary for the plot and a bit hypocrite coming from the (incidentally capitalist) nation that is waging most of the war in the world today. Nevertheless it is definitely a movie to watch, if only for the dazzling graphics and the eldritch ambiance (also vaguely reminiscent of Wall-e by the way).

Sigh.. perhaps I’m just getting old, complaining that everything has been done before. I used to hate it when my dad did that.

Oh well…


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